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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

John F. Kennedy


Accelerate Your Leadership

As a certified business coach and entrepreneur since 1988, I specialize in Resiliency Training and offer Accelerated Leadership Solutions . My focus is on helping business owners and leaders adapt to the ever-changing economic environment, generational challenges, and limited talent pool.  

This is powerful, yet resiliency is just one piece of the puzzle. To truly succeed, countless studies maintain that strong leadership skills are foundational for increased engagement, low turnover, and the people skills to inspire not only yourself, but also your team to new heights of productivity and revenue growth.

These programs focus on developing key leadership skills for business owners and leaders, and has successfully done so since 2020


Resiliency and Leadership skills are foundational in today's business world.


These programs qualifiy for grants currently offered for

Alberta-Owned businesses including solopreneurs! 

(780) 719 9741


As an entrepreneur since 1988, I am passionate about the value and importance small and medium businesses bring to our communities.


Throughout my own journey, I have successfully grown multiple small businesses, consulted in sales organizations, and continue to live my passion through my own certified coaching business.


Implementing proven and stragegic programs, and by using a Neurocoaching Model, my clients and I uncover the real blocks that hold entrepreneurs back and quickly transition onto the path where growth and success are absolutely acheivable and 100% possible.  


Professional and personal development is truly the catalyst that separates a business that struggles with one that is in true alignment, total fulfillment and ultimate success. Most entrepreneurs who create sustainable growth attribute that success to investing in a system of support and accountability.


I continue to rely on a consistent growth and development for my own work - after all, we cannot see the label when we are in the jar. I would love to be that support and clarifyer for you. We will push through the ceilings that are keeping your business from lasting, consistant growth all while enjoying flow and contentment in all areas of your life. 

The systems are proven, reliable and repeatable. 

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