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Adapting is the new reality


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Resilience can be taught, learned and mastered. That's exactly what this program is for.

Without this skill in our toolbelt, it severely impairs our ability to (among others):

            - solve problems

            - make decisions

            - think creatively

            - focus your attention

            - discern between right and wrong

            - memorize information

            - recall information

            - communicate effectively

            - collaborate with others

            - cope with adversity

            - correctly interpret other people’s behaviour

            - control impulses

This program, Resiliency in Business, allows entrepreneurs to thrive in adversity by providing brain based skills and tools based on neurosceince to avoid burnout and become more innovative, collaborative, and productive despite overwhelming challenges, constant change, and chronic stress.

This is foundational and what is necessary to grow and thrive consistently.

Our mind is the big boss, and it is the most important part of your business by a long shot 

It automates repeated reactions to situations to keep us safe and our enviornment familiar


Therefore, 90% of our daily actions and decisions are automated.


We don't even know they are running.

It's the most frustrating part - we KNOW what is possible, but the results stay out of reach


You CAN rewire the underlying beliefs that keep you in reaction mode every time conditions change...being resilient allows for solutions rather than overwhelm.


The outside-in model of validation keeps us from breaking through that glass ceiling and into the full potential our business is capable of. 


In the program, we will teach you the step-by-step process using the Neurocoaching Model™.

It's a proven system and it can be repeated to crush any goal,weather any storm,

and maintain momentum.


We implement strategies, goal setting and leadership skills from a foundation that is truly aligned with the unique vision you have for your business. Strategies that work for YOU.  

You become an unleashed entrepreneur 

We are always too close to ourselves to create true change.


Right now you can get the support you deserve and learn how to accomplish more in weeks

than you have in years …so that your reality can finally start to match up with the dreams

you have for your work in the world.


The BEST part?


This program is approved for the current Canada Alberta Job Grant!


There has never been a better time to invest in your own leadership and thrive in whatever

situation that comes your way. Today, AND tomorrow.

Professionals (just like athletes) have coaches to teach them how to make it to the top,

why wouldn't you?

Don't wait. Government grants end. This program fills fast.



As an entrepreneur since 1988, I am passionate about the value and importance small and medium businesses bring to our communities.


Throughout my own journey, I have successfully grown multiple small businesses, consulted in sales organizations, and continue to live my passion through my own certified coaching business.


Implementing proven and stragegic programs, and by using a neuro coaching method, my clients and I uncover the real blocks that hold entrepreneurs back and quickly transition onto the path where growth and success are absolutely acheivable and 100% possible.  


Coaching is truly the catalyst that separates a business that struggles with one that is in true alignment, total fulfillment and ultimate success. Most entrepreneurs who create sustainable growth attribute that success to investing in a system of support and accountability.


I continue to rely on a coach for my own work - after all, we cannot see the label when we are in the jar. I would love to be that support and clarifyer for you. We will push through the ceilings that are keeping your business from lasting, consistant growth all while enjoying flow and contentment in all areas of your life. 

The systems and strategies you will master are proven, reliable and repeatable. 

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