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Adapting is the new reality


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Resilience can be taught, learned and mastered. That's exactly what this program is for.

Is it time to ensure your business maintains profitable revenue generation and builds systems for sustainable growth no matter the economic situations or disruptions? If that sounds refreshing...this program is for you


Create a clear and attainable growth trajectory to access new

levels of both revenue and leadership mastery within yourself,

your employees, and your organization as a whole.  


Not sure if training will benefit you or

your organization as a whole?


If you’re a business owner who seeks to consistently influence

a team and generate best-in-class results…

this program is for you.


You’re a results driven entrepreneur and struggle with how

step into the larger arena you know is there, but seems

to be out of reach....this program is for you.


You have a sense there’s something you’re not seeing

which could be holding your growth back in some

way… this program is also for you.


You are a business owner, entrepreneur, executive or even a solopreneur...this program is for you. 

You're ready to lead an organization with an aligned vision, strong culture and a remarkable environment regardless of the current economic conditions...this program is for you.  

This is all achievable and attainable when you invest in the most valuable asset in the organizaiton - you! As a leader, YOU ou are the catalyst of all results.

Investing in yourself and your leadership acumen is the BEST investment you will EVER make.

Better still, imagine, this all happens naturally without feeling forced, or having to restructure or overhaul your entire team or make yet another addition to your already overbooked calendar.

Using systems that are repeatable, reliable and proven makes it a simple shift that will pay dividends for decades.

If you’re ready to make this year the one that strengthened your business and emerge with a solid structure to facilitate growth and resliency, schedule a discussion that fits your calendar - just one call can bring an incredible amount of clarity that you can implement immediately.


Book a "More Information" Call Right Here


Spaces are very limited within the program to ensure implementation, and that the results are sustainable for each and every client.


In other words...not just what to do - you already know the "what", but more importantly HOW to implement the strategies within your regular day to day work.


There are far too many investments in courses and programs where the strategies are not used in every day situations and fade away within months or even weeks. That is not for me, and it shouldn't be you either. 

**This is a fully immersive program - which means you'll spend your day doing the same things, become more aligned, and complete your day in less time**

What the journey looks like:

Customized training for what you need, PLUS unlimited implementation support and instant live messaging  - You can be confident it will work for your unique business, every day, and in real life. 


What the journey looks like:

  • Effectively Manage Stress

  • Improve Decision Making

  • Strategically Introduce Accountability Metrics

  • Prepare and Implement a Strategic Planning Model for Every Quarter

  • Cascade Strategic Plans Throughout Your Business  

  • Maintain Momentum 

  • Implement Consistent Strategies for Moving the Income Needle

  • Gain Literal Hours Back in Your Day with Customized Planning

  • Transition from Managing to Leading

  • Implement the Neurocoaching Model so your mind can work FOR you instead of against you. 

  • Future Proof Your Business  


Bonus: Mission, Vision and Values Deep Dive and Callibration

Instruction and implementation support, along with live messaging on demand

Business Resiliency Certificate of Completion

The BEST part?


This program is approved for the current Canada Alberta Job Grant!


There has never been a better time to invest in your own leadership and thrive in whatever

situation that comes your way. Today, AND tomorrow.

Professionals (just like athletes) have coaches to teach them how to make it to the top,

why wouldn't you?

Don't wait. Government grants end. This program fills fast.

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As an entrepreneur since 1988, I am passionate about the value and importance small and medium businesses bring to our communities.


Throughout my own journey, I have successfully grown multiple small businesses, consulted in sales organizations, and continue to live my passion through my own certified coaching business.


Implementing proven and stragegic programs, and by using a neuro coaching method, my clients and I uncover the real blocks that hold entrepreneurs back and quickly transition onto the path where growth and success are absolutely acheivable and 100% possible.  


Coaching is truly the catalyst that separates a business that struggles with one that is in true alignment, total fulfillment and ultimate success. Most entrepreneurs who create sustainable growth attribute that success to investing in a system of support and accountability.


I continue to rely on a coach for my own work - after all, we cannot see the label when we are in the jar. I would love to be that support and clarifyer for you. We will push through the ceilings that are keeping your business from lasting, consistant growth all while enjoying flow and contentment in all areas of your life. 

The systems and strategies you will master are proven, reliable and repeatable. 

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